We have a large house in upstate New York. Over the years we've tried several caretakers, but without success. None of them had the sort of dedication and professional integrity that's needed to responsibly care for someone else's property. Then a friend referred us to Norman and Adele Hemsworth of Critterex. Originally a pest control company, Critterex has recently expanded into other areas of house care, including full service caretaking. Our experience with Norman and Adele has been unlike any other. They have approached every task we've given them as complete professionals, presenting
detailed monthly reports on every aspect of the house and property: maintenence, repairs, and general supervision. We feel lucky to have found them.

Donald F.

Norman and Daniel were great at analyzing the specific problem, looking at the entire building and assessing it's critter-proof status, advising me of the pros and cons of our options so I could make a decision, and then doing the work. They were very professional. I recommend them.

James K.

Norman and his team are incredibly prompt, professional, and thorough. I was always kept informed of the problems they found (possible entry points for squirrels and mice) and their proposed solutions. They show up when they say they'll show up and do quality, tidy work. I would absolutely recommend them.

Mike P.

Excellent service, I spoke to Norman explain the noises and he immediately told me what it was. Squirrels were taking up residence, he came the same day we spoke, found the point of entry and closed it up. Thank you for your quick and efficient service. I highly recommend this company.

Robin M.

Norman was remarkably prompt, courteous and professional in his communications with me. Not only was he able to inspect my home the very next day after we connected, but he also patiently took the time to explain both the problem and the solution(s) to me. I had procrastinated in dealing with this squirrel issue, hoping they would simply go away (as if...) but now that I've found CrittereX I won't hesitate to take action early if a similar issue occurs.

Alex O.

When a family of 7 squirrels established a residence under the roof of our home, my husband and I were fortunate enough to call Critterex. After a slow start , owner Norman was able to eradicate the infestation by capturing the offenders without killing them. Working with him, his wife and their assistant was a pleasure. They kept coming back until they were 100 x cent sure the problem had been resolved . And their price was more than honest: it was truly a bargain for all the work they did. We recommend Critterex unconditionally.

Alessandra F.

Project: Control or Relocate Birds or Bats
Norman was professional and knowledgeable. He inspected my house from top to bottom. He sealed all holes that might be an entrance for bats....and more. And mostly he put my mind at ease regarding the recurrence of my bat problem and I know I can count on him to come back if I need him. Very pleased.

Joan M.

Project: Control or Eliminate Small Animals
Norman and Adele were very knowledgeable and thorough! They were very nice and handled my raccoon problem.

Mark B.

Project: Control or Eliminate Small Animals
Quick Fast Efficient service and very personable. Arrived on time as scheduled . I recommend it

Alisha J.

Project: Control or Relocate Birds or Bats
Excellent service! Norman s prompt response to my HomeAdvisor inquiry PLUS next day scheduling was awesome and exactly what I needed to deal with my problem. Knowledgeable, experienced and professional, Norman was easy to work with and I particularly like the fact that he took time to explain things, answer my questions and offer options. Recommended!

Mikki D.

Project: Control or Relocate Birds or Bats
Very professional and very pleasant and helpful. Would highly recommend to anyone who needs their service.

Susan D.

Project: Control or Eliminate Rodents
Knowledgeable, honest and reliable

Andrew E.

Project: Control or Eliminate Rodents
They are professional, through, informative, quick for returning calls, and very quick response to our problem. I highly recommend them. You are not dealing with a large corporation you are dealing with the people who do the job.

Al A.

Project: Control or Eliminate Small Animals
Very reliable and top quality service won't stop until job is done

Francine H.

Project: Control or Eliminate Rodents
Norm was terrific! He did the job the same day. Sent me pics of his work and was very professional.

Jim K.

Project: Control or Eliminate Rodents
Very friendly and knowledgeable

Nancy S.

Project: Control or Eliminate Small Animals
Norman was very professional and took care of the squirrel problem we had where they had gotten behind the fascia through a hole. He is very competent and professional and I am assured that he and his team can handle any critter problem you might have. I wouldn t use anyone else!

Janice R.

Project: Control or Eliminate Small Animals
We had a squirrel problem in our attic. There was hole made in the top eave of our roof the size of a softball. Norman completely inspected the entire attic for access holes and subsequently determined the point of entry. He determined the the attic was unoccupied by the rodent. He proceeded to inspect the entire house for access holes. He gave us the cost of the repairs before he started and his price was fair and reasonable. He then made appropriate repairs that blended completely into our log home. The beauty of Norman's service is that he took care of the squirrel issue and made the repairs immediately. Norman was a responsive with his service. He did the work on a Saturday to accommodate my schedule. He was a true gentleman and a professional. We give him 5 Stars and highly recommend him.

Maria M.

Project: Control or Relocate Birds or Bats
We woke up one night to a bat flying around our bedroom, which was very distressing, as you can imagine! This has never happened before and we had no idea what to do! That next morning, Norman from Critterex responded to my request within an hour and came out to my house that afternoon. He was wonderful, very professional and knowledgeable and put out minds at ease. I feel fully confident in recommending Critterex to anyone. Look no further, just call Norman!

Sandra M.

Project: Control or Eliminate Small Animals
Very prompt , professional and thorough. I definitely recommend!

Amy H.

Project: Control or Eliminate Small Animals
Norman was great -- he came, gave us a thorough analysis of our problem and provided an estimate. He also provided an alternate way of doing the work at a lower cost assuring us that the end result was the same. He came, did what needed to be done efficiently, cleaned up. So far we have neither seen nor heard from our former "critter" residents.

Anthula N.

Project: Control or Eliminate Small Animals
Norman arrived early. He was very personable and knowledgeable about squirrels. He conducted a very thorough investigation, resulting in a complete resolution of our problem to eradicate the squirrels from our attic. Very relieved.

Janice N.

Project: Control or Eliminate Small Animals
Showed up early & got the job done!

Erika W.

Project: Control or Relocate Birds or Bats
Norman Hemsworth is a very friendly, thorough, and capable professional. In our case, he checked on our roof that was damaged by a determined woodpecker; and filled in gaping holes, put on flashing and left 2 hanging strips to discourage any other woodpeckers from destroying our roof line. He is an excellent Nuisance Wildlife Control Officer and we highly recommend him and Critterex.

Kevin H.

Norman was recommended highly by a friend. I phoned him when we had issues with a groundhog digging next to the foundation of our house. Norman and Adele responded promptly and caught the animal within hours. They sealed up the hole in the ground with cement,and solved our problem. I am impressed with their professionalism and would recommend Critterex to anyone who needs their service.

Lydia L.


Norman and Jake have taken on the task of ridding my house of flying squirrels. Jake came immediately when one got stuck in my AC vent and scared the life out of me. They are prompt, thorough, thoughtful and considerate. Excellent follow-up as well. Highly recommend.

Judy Z.

Critterex was a pleasure to deal with. They responded promptly to my call and showed up when scheduled. Norman explained the process and answered all questions. Norman and Jake were knowledgeable, professional and committed to the task of squirrel removal! It was a pleasure to work with such a dedicated team... I would recommend them to anyone with a "critter" problem. Thank you!!

Roxann C.

Wish I could give more stars! Very fast response after the 1st voice message I left. Norman came and spent a great deal of time trying to locate the point of entry and/or criitters that had taken up residence in our garage. They were well hidden. He even climbed up a ladder walking all over the roof. He then decided to set up his wildlife camera in hopes of catching them in the act. Later that evening, he called to tell us a lovely house cat walked up to and began to explore said camera!!! After much cajoling , the poor hungry thing finally showed herself and was rescued. The next day, our vet checked her for a microchip and sure enough, she belonged to a family in the neighborhood who were thrilled to have her back after missing her for over a week. I cannot comment on the fees, because CriitereX refused payment, even after 2 visits, looking for a small port of entry, setting up expensive technology, etc. They just seemed happy for the happy ending. These are people who obviously love and respect all animals. I highly recommend this wonderful company.

Maryalice S.

Friendly, knowledgeable, affordable and very quick to come help our critter problems with birds and bat. Norm and his staff did a great job removing a bird nest and sealing the edge of the roof. They also fixed the edge of a bay window for a fraction of what the window company quoted. A bat was flying in the house this week and Norm was my first call. He came promptly to do a full inspection of the house and made recommendations to seal the house. It was a relief to get suggestions to nail down some loose pieces of siding, eliminating the need to completely reside the house. We trust and recommend Norm and CrittereX, and they will be back this week to do the repairs.

Randy K.

We had a bat invasion in our new house, and some birds decided to start a family in our attic. We did not want to keep them as pets, so we called Critterex. Norman and his team responded very quickly, did a thorough check for the point(s) of entry, and gave us a ton of great advice. A week later their crew came and fixed every possible issue, and we've had no winged creatures trying to ruin our lives ever since. I highly recommend Critterex to anyone who needs pest control!

Joel L.