Wild Animals Belong in the Wild, Not in Your Attic

Use CrittereX for the best animal control service in Saugerties, Kingston & Woodstock, NY and surrounding areas.

With more and more housing developments cropping up in formerly wooded areas, displaced wild animals are looking for new places to live. There's a good chance that some will try to make your home their home. If this happens, the staff at CrittereX LLC can provide humane, chemical free animal removal and pest removal.

In most cases, these animals are simply running out of their natural territory or are drawn to food and shelter created by human populations. With our help, both humans and animals can coexist. We offer non-toxic, chemical free pest removal, humane animal removal, wildlife control, wildlife prevention, wildlife damage repair, home inspection services & more! Contact us today to learn more.

The staff at CrittereX is licensed by the Department of Conservation to deal with wildlife. Call 845-247-7564 today to find out how we can help you with any necessary wildlife removal and chemical-free pest removal in Saugerties, Kingston & Woodstock, NY.

Why do you need a professional to remove wild animals?

Occasionally, our clients will try to remove wild animals from their homes themselves. We don't recommend turning animal control into a DIY project. You should hire a professional wildlife removal company because:

  • You can get sick from exposure to wild animal droppings.
  • You don't have the correct protective equipment to examine infested areas.
  • You can be seriously injured by a wild animal.
  • You may hurt or kill animals in the removal process.

It's best to leave wildlife removal to the professionals. Our team can also show you some tips for wildlife prevention to keep animals from returning once they are removed.

Contact your local animal control service to safely remove any wild animals from your Saugerties, Kingston & Woodstock, NY property today.

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If you have property damage from animals, we can fix that, too

Do you have property damage from wild animals living in your attic or crawl space? If so, the team at CrittereX can remove the animals and repair your home. Critters like bats, birds and mice can leave droppings that grow bacteria and cause damage to your home. Our home inspection services team can assess and repair the damage, so your home can be in good shape again.

Find out how the team at CrittereX can help you and your home with our wildlife damage repair service. You can schedule a meeting with our animal control service in Saugerties, Kingston & Woodstock, NY at your convenience.