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Safe Removal Is Only the First Step

Complete wildlife prevention includes home exclusion in Saugerties, Kingston & Woodstock, NY

Once you've safely removed any wild animal visitors from your home, you must take steps to prevent them from coming back. Once animals have found a safe, warm place to live, they will seek it out again. For the safety of your family and the animals, you need to hire a professional wildlife prevention company like CrittereX LLC. We'll use exclusion techniques to keep the critters out.

Ask for more information on wildlife prevention techniques in Saugerties, Kingston & Woodstock, NY now.

Don't leave any access points unchecked

If you don't take steps to exclude animals from your property, they will find their way back in through existing holes in the walls, foundation, chimneys or vents. They might even gnaw at holes to make them larger. We can seal possible entryways around your home by:

  • Adding chimney caps and screens
  • Installing plumbing vents on pipes
  • Replacing or sealing off roof and fascia spaces
  • Replacing lightweight roof vents with sturdy ones
  • Adding screens to the oven and bathroom exhaust vents
  • Securing gaps in roof and soffit intersections
  • Repairing holes in the siding
  • Adding durable screening around the bases of porches and decks
  • Removing overhanging tree limbs and vegetation

Completing these tasks will be well worth the effort. Your home will be secured against further animal intrusions. Call today to schedule wildlife prevention services in Saugerties, Kingston & Woodstock, NY.